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16 Unique Storage Solutions that Aren’t Your Typical Built-ins

Looking to take the road less travelled in your home renovation? Forget typical built-ins, and look to these unique storage solutions instead.

1. A structural wall that conceals a storeroom

If your home doesn’t come with a storeroom, build one right in the middle of the apartment we say! Have it blend in with the rest of the walls so it doesn’t stand out. Curves here add to the decor while helping to soften the edges.

2. A TV console that hides bar and dining tables

This multipurpose living room comes with an equally practical TV console that conceals bar and dining tables. Pull them out when it’s dinnertime or when you’ve got guests over, and put them away after for a clutter-free home.

3. A storage bed with a pull-out nightstand

We use nightstands for bedside essentials, but a full-fledged one can take up a lot of unnecessary floor estate in a small bedroom. Consider then a more flexible pull-out bedside table that can be drawn out like a drawer from your storage bed. Set down your favourite read when it’s time to go to bed and only push it back in the morning.

4. A headboard that comes with plenty of storage

Here’s another unique storage solution for the bedroom: This headboard was crafted to consist of hidden storage located underneath a wooden top and bedside shelves that also partially mask the power outlets.

5. A bookshelf that doubles up as a door

For feeling magical (or just to hide your bedroom away from the prying eyes of visitors), do up a bookshelf that also doubles up as an entrance into the bedroom.

6. A wardrobe with curtains for some of its doors

Looking to gain an inch more space in your wardrobe? Take away some of the doors and replace them with curtains. Curtains offer less physical obstruction so you can store more. Plus, it’s a great way to alleviate the lines and edges in the bedroom to bring about a softer, more calming atmosphere.

7. An entire laundry room behind perforated storage

Keep things neat and compact by having your entire service yard behind closed doors. Since you’re dealing with appliances like the storage heater and washing machine, you’ll want to keep things constantly ventilated with perforated doors.

8. A curved, double-volume bookshelf

A tall bookshelf that spans the double-volume space in this HDB executive maisonette is used to house a large collection of books and provide a focal point for the home. A curved design keeps things unexpected.

9. A ceiling-mounted clothes rail made from copper pipes

Looking to add a boutique style flair to the bedroom? Go for a ceiling-mounted clothes rail to add extra storage space on top of your wardrobe. The copper pipes are a great way to add a twinge of a elegant metallic sheen to the space..

10. Bookshelves that lend illusion

In order to create the illusion of a space surrounded by books, this reading nook employed thin steel shelves as well as wall mirrors for some eye trickery. After filling the shelves with books, the shelves seem to disappear, while the number of books seem to increase when reflected against the mirrors.

11. A climb-up bicycle storage that also conceals laundry essentials

To make use of vertical storage space, a pair of bicycles was placed on top of a built-in storage that also houses all the laundry essentials. The two-wheelers can be accessed through a ladder.Design: Jesigns Interior Design

12. Storage hidden within the vanity stool

Need the extra space to store all those extra cotton packs you got on sale? Since you are using that space anyway, make your vanity stool work double time by hiding some storage space.

13. Shelves that come with a pull-out standing work desk

With work-from-home situations going back and forth nowadays, you may want to invest in a home office solution that functions well without taking up a whole lot of space just in case you are asked to go back to the office for good. Enter: a pull-out standing desk. It not only helps with your well-being, but it can also be stored back into the shelf after office hours so they don’t take up any extra room along the walkway.

14. Shallow shelves that function as a backsplash

Make use of that backsplash space to eke in some shallow shelving that you can use to store sink-side essentials like your dishwashing liquid, hand soap and brushes and scrubs.

15. A custom dining bench with underneath storage + a stow-away spot for a coffee table

Small homes, you’ll want to take a leaf from these customised solutions in this pint-sized apartment. One: a dining bench that features storage underneath and two: a coffee table that fits back into the sofa to free up more space in the living room.

16. A TV console with a robot vacuum cut-out

Robot vacs are super crucial for saving you some elbow grease during housekeeping but you’ll need a spot at home for them to return to. We love that this designer thought to carve out a cut-out on this TV console for the vac’s docking station.


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