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4-room BTO flat in Boon Lay has a home theatre in living room

The projector-era is upon us.

Well, it is at least for one household in Boon Lay, according to a Facebook post by interior design studio, Jesigns Interior Design.

Here is the Facebook post.

If you're wondering how they achieve that home-theatre experience.

It's actually really clever in how they save space.

Here is the house's window.

Now, you close the curtains.

And pull down the screen from the top.

Tadah, you can watch Thanos' mass murdering spree from the comfort of your own home.



The rest of the house is also something else, following a contemporary and cinematic theme.

The design and renovation took eight weeks.

Other designs Jesign has done include a Muji style decor...

And a modern/ hotel theme.



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