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Geek Paradise Found: 5 Homes That Went ALL OUT with Their Themes

Taking ‘young at heart’ to the next level.

We’ve all got an inner geek in us that would very much like to use our home as a form of escapism.

And we’re not talking about a mere display shelf of action figures. We’re talking about completely transforming your home to incorporate bold, thematic ideas.

Can’t quite picture what we mean? Here are some of our favourites that will take you to a whole other world:

A Sci-Fi spaceship-themed bedroom

Team Star Wars or Star Trek, we can all agree that the interior designer for this 3-bedder condo in Geylang understood the assignment. Juxtaposing a regimental-like greyscale interior with vibrant RGB lighting, the resemblance of this spaceship-themed bedroom to a Sci-Fi movie set is uncanny.

From its LED-framed door to its bunk bed with an aluminum platform ladder, indoor window and ‘stars’ overhead, no detail was left out in committing to the theme.

And just in case you’re wondering: the round appliance mounted on the ceiling isn’t a fake CCTV camera. It is, in fact, a short throw projector that affords the owners an immersive movie-watching experience without taking up any floor space.

Now this is the kind of room we’d want to watch a Sci-Fi movie in.


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