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Home improvement: This new flat in Boon Lay casually added a home theater to its living room

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Now you see it, now you don’t. Photo: Jesigns Interior Design/Facebook

Here’s some news to give you major design envy. An interior design studio this week featured a recently renovated four-room BTO (Build To Order) flat on its Facebook page, complete with details of the works and photos of the end result.

Pretty standard stuff — we’ve all seen empty units turned into cool digs and before/after pics of transformed apartments. But this one took the cake. And went viral. Because the owners managed to squeeze an actual home theater into their place.

Now, Singapore isn’t exactly known for its abundant land. We’re a tiny island, after all. And BTOs these days come in compact units to maximize space. So to be able to project the latest Avengers flick at your home in all its cinematic glory is somewhat of a viral-worthy achievement.

According to Jesigns Interior Design, which handled the home makeover, the renovations took eight weeks to complete and was inspired by a modern contemporary/cinematic theme.

Seriously, who needs the cinema when you’ve got this sweet abode? Certainly not this family.


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