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Resale Flat Transformed Into An IG-Worthy Futuristic, Sci-Fi Space Home

You know the saying, it’s not the size that matters, it’s what you do with it?

Well, nothing’s more apt for that saying than our HDB flats.

While most of us are content to go down the homely route, other homeowners out there aren’t satisfied with such a simple concept.

Just like the homeowner we’re going to talk about next.

Whether you’re looking for some design inspiration, or just to feast your eyes, here’s one home you might not want to miss out on.

Resale Flat Redesigned With a Futuristic, Sci-Fi Theme

On 11 Feb 2021, an interior design studio, Jesigns Interior Design, uploaded a completed project on their Facebook page.

And trust me, this will satisfy all the Star Trek fans out there (boss, I’m talking to you).

Here, take a look at the living room:

Can’t get enough? Here’s one more:

According to the post, the unit is a 4-room DBSS in Bishan.

The theme, as you can probably tell by now, is futuristic/Sci-Fi.

It took them 11 weeks to complete the project and they’ve included an entire list of works done to achieve this result.

Hidden Doors, Beautiful Yet Functional Designs

An iconic part of the home would be the spaceship-like walkway from the living room to other parts of the home.

The doors to the different rooms are designed to look like parts of the walls when closed, with a mirror at the end to double the length of the walkway.

It’s not just the build either, as the designers cleverly made use of neon, blue and green lights to amp up the sci-fi factor.

Now, if you think the living spaces are impressive, wait till you check out the master bedroom.

Minimalist yet aesthetically-pleasing; space pod capsule hotels have nothing on this home, this I guarantee you.

Every room in the home, including the toilets, have specially-designed lights to complement the entire design.

And while spaceships are probably notorious for valuing function over comfort, this home is different and the toilets are as luxurious as you can imagine.

I mean, just check out the bathtub.

Every accessory, like the seats and tables on the balcony, are selected to complement the sci-fi aesthetic of the home.

You can check out their Facebook post in full below:


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