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The best interior designers in Singapore

Singapore is known for its vibrant interior design scene. So who are the best of the best?

Singapore’s lively culture of interior design originally integrated itself into the nation’s sense of identity in the early years of post-independence. This marked the beginning of institutionalized vocational practices providing formal education in skills such as craft, technical skills, commercial art, woodworking and, of course, interior design.

Since then, the economic boom and Singapore’s continuing prosperity has helped nurture interior designers on the world stage. The local Singaporean interior design market was fully developed by the 1980s and Singaporean interior design began to develop a distinctive style and characteristics. Now, the interior design industry in Singapore is flourishing. Technological advancements have inspired tens of thousands of designers across the country to take up the mantle and bring creativity back into interior design.

Singapore is known across the world for merging culture and history with technology in its interior design endeavors. With a focus on nature, sustainability and health, Singaporean design has been leading the charge for a re-evaluation of modern design styles and the revolutionary technology that can improve them.

A country with a commitment to both innovation and tradition, interior design is one of the most valuable occupations in Singapore. There are more than 3,000 interior design firms currently operating in Singapore, all familiar with the unique structure of Singaporean housing. Singapore’s Housing and Development Board (HDB) is responsible for housing over 80% of the country’s entire population. Of this 80%, 90% of residents own their own home.

This gives Singapore a reputation of the mother of public housing and makes interior design a very popular profession as homeowners seek to differentiate their apartments from others in their block. Singaporean interior design takes proud influence from a diverse range of sources to create its own distinct variations.

One of the most popular trends in Singaporean interior design at the moment is the merging of Japanese and Scandinavian design styles to create something entirely new. Known as “Japandi,” this hybrid design style emphasizes simplicity, cleanliness, and elements of the natural world. Scandinavian minimalism meets Japanese simplicity and commitment to nature, creating an elegant and raw environment with an air of sustainability.

Other popular trends in Singapore – as well as the rest of the globe – include the use of interior plants as design features, creating multi-functional spaces, and softening a minimalist design with some simple luxury. Manifestations of these trends vary from home to home, but the one constant in Singaporean interior design is creativity.

Finding an interior designer or design firm that embodies the right aesthetic focus for your home is very important – albeit challenging in a climate with so many talented interior design artists. To help you narrow down some of the choices, here are some of the best interior design companies Singapore.

Deciding the best interior design firm Singapore: Singapore’s 1st-9th best interior design company near me

09. Met Interior

Met Interior is an interior design company focusing on residential design for contemporary life. They come highly recommended and place substantial emphasis on their reviews and feedback, which you can browse for yourself here on their website. Met Interior designs are characterized by the use of innovation and creativity to achieve practical ends.

08. I Interior Design

I interior design is an up and coming interior design / renovation company with a vast array of packages perfect for customization. I Interior Design focuses on love and play, emphasizing the fun of interior design and prioritizing enjoyment above all else.

07. This is interior

This is Interior is a full service interior design firm for Singapore with an extensive portfolio of breathtaking residential designs. With nothing but glowing reviews, This is Interior is one of Singapore’s highest rated interior design firms handling everything from standard to premium renovation packages for all HBO room types.

06. Yang’s inspiration design

Yang’s inspiration design has a strong commitment to providing quality renovations at an affordable price. Their portfolio features both residential and commercial projects, showing a flair for creating beautiful office and hospitality atmospheres as well as home design.

05. Jesigns interior design

Jesigns Interior Design is a firm of interior decorators with a portfolio spanning residential and commercial projects. Jesigns ID has a characteristic attention to detail that ensures satisfaction for every client. Their projects are often bold and contemporary, creating a futuristic and stylish atmosphere.

04. The interior lab

The Interior Lab is one of Singapore’s leading interior design firms. Their design philosophy centers around bringing aspirational design visions into reality. Each design by the Interior Lab is tailored specifically to the needs, lifestyle and desires of the client.

A design by the Interior Lab is recognizable for its combination of style and substance, making environments beautiful by providing maximum comfort and aesthetic.

03. She interior design

She Interior Design is a full service interior design company with a commitment to exceptional service. She Interior Design specializes in a number of fields as one of Singapore’s many dual interior design and architecture firms. She Interior Design has successfully undertaken residential, architectural, commercial, and office projects.

02. Imagine sk66

Imagine SK66, formally known as Seng Kwong, is a celebrated Singaporean company with talents in interior design, home renovation, furnishing / home decoration and carpentry. Their interior design philosophy is based around a foundational commitment to thorough design and attention to detail, from paint colour through to structural renovation.

01. Space Atelier

Space Atelier is without a doubt one of Singapore’s best interior design companies. A relatively new company (established in 2014), Space Atelier brings a vibrant splash of creativity to every design approach they conceive. They have covered all manners of project types including residential HDBs, prestigious condominiums and commercial spaces.


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