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This Country-Themed Telok Banglah HDB Flat Has A Faux Fireplace, “Chimney” & Barn Door

Embodying farmhouse chic in the most contemporary fashion.


In a city filled with cyberpunk homes, Aesop-inspired spaces, and apartments influenced by Japanese aesthetics, a country-style home is a breath of fresh air. A family who recently got the keys to their Telok Blangah BTO flat sought out Jesigns Interior Design to make their dreams of owning a country-themed home a reality in Singapore.

From exposed wooden beams welcoming you to a Dutch barn door by the kitchen, here are a couple of design features that we love in this modern country-style home.

Exposed wooden ceiling beams at the entrance

While Telok Blangah might not be considered the “countryside” of Singapore, interior designer Valerie Toh of Jesigns Interior Design still gave her client’s home the rustic charm they desired.

The first thing anyone entering the HDB flat will notice is the exposed wooden beams along the ceiling, a classic feature of any country-themed home. But rather than giving it the weathered treatment, Valerie used chic walnut laminate instead for a more modern iteration. Recessed ceiling lights were also installed into the beams to illuminate the foyer.

Installing a faux fireplace and a “chimney” for $2K

Right after the entryway is a fireplace. Yes, you read us right, and the pictures are not deceiving you – that is a fireplace and a chimney in an HDB flat in Singapore. Only, it isn’t a functional fireplace that needs wood and fire. But a fireplace is a staple in any country-style home, so it only made sense to find the place for one here as well.

In place of a hearth that needs to be kindled, candles are used instead to simulate a burning flame.

Designing a custom Dutch barn door for the kitchen

Another feature that is commonplace in many country-themed homes is the Dutch door, which is also known as stable doors or double-hung doors. It’s also not something that’s commonly seen in Singaporean homes, with most homeowners preferring designs like a traditional sliding barn door or the basic bi-fold doors.

“The homeowners initially wanted a wooden door for the kitchen,” Valerie said. But after more consideration of the interior and the homeowner’s plans for children, she found that having Dutch doors in the style of a barn door would look better and fit into the home’s theme more than a standard wooden door.

Not only does the Dutch barn door look aesthetically pleasing, but it also serves a practical purpose, mainly by keeping young children and pets out of the kitchen while still keeping the transition between spaces open.

Expanding the space through an arched interior window

It’s not just the front area of the house that has all the elements of a country-themed home. The living room, despite the quirky silhouette of the Togo sofa, has all the hallmarks of a modern-day farmhouse.

The TV wall has been extended to include an interior window. One might argue that an interior window is completely unnecessary, but we love this design choice for a multitude of reasons. For one, the fan-shape and arched curves of the window are reminiscent of chic country homes we’ve seen on Pinterest. The window also provides a transitory space between the entertaining and unwinding areas.

Country-themed HDB flat in Telok Blangah

Having an HDB flat with a farmhouse interior in a concrete jungle might feel oxymoronic, but having a country-style home to retreat to at the end of the day can feel like paradise. All in all, the homeowners spent around $68K to renovate their new Telok Blangah flat, with the majority of the cost going to the tiles for the floors.

Now all that’s missing is some horses grazing on a field to complete the whole farmhouse aesthetic.


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