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This Sci-Fi Bishan Flat Lets You Live Aboard The Millennium Falcon From Star Wars

Sci-Fi Bishan Flat By Jesigns Interior Design Looks Like A Star Wars Spaceship

Living in a spaceship seems like a distant wish in a galaxy far, far, away. While we won’t move away from Earth within our lifetime, it seems creative interior designers can make our Sci-Fi dreams come to life.

Jesigns Interior Design has transformed this 4-room Bishan flat into a Sci-Fi home akin to the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.

We’re definitely fans of the shiny walls and built-in neon blue lights that can transport residents to an alternate realm.

Blue LED strip lights give Bishan flat cool Sci-Fi vibes

This Bishan flat has a next-level take on the typical monochrome-themed interior design. Glossy white tiles and walls turn the humble flat into a sleek space pod, while the mesh steel door invites guests into a unique home experience.

To go along with the cool, intergalactic vibes, LED strip lights in the crevices illuminate the space much differently from typical living spaces. Instead of a 4-room HDB flat, one would feel like they’re stepping aboard the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.

Captains often commandeer their spaceships from lofty seats, and the massage chair in the living room is a close substitute. Watching Netflix shows or football matches will be a lot more comfortable for the king and queen of the house.

The blue lighting trails down the hallway too, in a slightly muted fluorescent glow leading up to the bedrooms.

Turning off the brighter white lights enhances the galactic feel, as though thrusting the home into the pitch-blackness of outer space.

Compact kitchen & study area for max functionality

While the kitchen doesn’t quite have the same otherworldly appearance, the compact features certainly go well with the spaceship theme.

Grabbing snacks and prepping meals quickly is easy when the fridge, microwave and pantry are all within reach.

Once there’s enough food to get you through an intense work or study sesh, there won’t be problem focusing in a neat room like this.

Studying in this area will definitely motivate Jedis and Padawans to complete their mission reports and homework. Upon finishing your tasks, you can reward yourself by watching Star Trek on the small TV screen in the room.

Futuristic sleeping pods for kiddos & adults

Love for all-things Sci-Fi seems to run in the family because the kids’ bedroom is stocked with astronaut figurines and plushies.

Notice that the bed is positioned beside a tall glass window for a good view of Singapore’s modern cityscape. Perhaps when flying cars become a reality one day, we’d really feel like we’re in a whole new world.

Since looking at our gadgets 24/7 has been the norm, this room has a sliding bed desk so you can complete your work and eat snacks in your comfy bed.

In the master bedroom, a customised bedframe in a unique shape embodies what’s unique about the entire space-themed home.

The bright yellow accents and wall add a splash of colour that enliven the space which is otherwise clean and simple.

Vibrant monochrome bathroom with starlit ceiling

While most of the flat looks rather modern, the guest bathroom is more reminiscent of the retro, original Star Trek series with its marbled tiles and patterned wall in the shower area.

Old-school as it may be, we can’t deny that the ceiling light that looks like a ringed planet glowing among the stars is rather dope.

The master bathroom kicks things up a notch with ample space for a bathtub, where you can soak in a lovely bubble bath while staring at the stars.

No need for extra ring lights when the one in the ceiling is bright enough so you can shave or do your makeup without any mishaps.

Bishan flat a homier version of the Millennium Falcon

Transforming your HDB flat into a futuristic home from the movies is clearly achievable.

Through the combination of sleek fixtures and smart lighting, the Jesigns Interior Design team has turned one homeowner’s dream into a reality.

If you’re keen on adopting this design for your flat, you can check out their Facebook page here. Know any Star Wars fans or space lovers who will appreciate this revamp? Tag them in the comments below.


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