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After A $160K Reno, Maisonette Now Has A Bathroom Worthy Of A 5-Star Hotel

Step inside this home to a family of three that’s serving boutique hotel vibes.

Believe it or not, this luxurious bathroom — replete with a bathtub and double vanity — isn’t in a hotel, but a 37-year-old maisonette in Hougang. The bathroom is part of a impressive master suite that’s giving major five-star hotel vibes.

The spacious 1,603 sq ft abode underwent a complete facelift that cost about $160K, and has transformed from a drab and dated flat into a modern luxe abode fit for the homeowners and their daughter. The project, helmed by Jesigns Interior Design designers Shun Li and Desmond Neo, took 11 weeks to complete.

The impressive master suite is easily the pièce de résistance here. The homeowners had initially requested a huge wardrobe in the original master bedroom. But due to space constraints, a layout change had to be made — two common bedrooms were combined to form a new master bedroom, and the new spacious room could now accommodate a walk-in wardrobe.

The new walk-in wardrobe has tons of storage space — including a display shelf for bags— as well as a large vanity area.

A walk-in wardrobe so spacious, it’s a shopaholic’s dream come true.

It leads directly to the new master bathroom, which was extended by about 2 ft to fit the bathtub and double sinks.

The wall between the sleeping area and walk-in wardrobe was hacked away, and now features a hidden entrance that allows for both spaces to be separated if needed.

The original master bedroom was converted to a bedroom for the homeowners' daughter, and has bright, cheery interiors to boot.

The cheery, Scandi theme continues into the attached bathroom that's decked out in wood tones and soothing colours.

While it was all about creating personal sanctuaries for the family upstairs, the first level of the apartment was all about transforming it into a playground to host gatherings. Quite literally.

There’s a swing from the homeowners’ previous home perched in the balcony, a perfect nook to unwind or for tete-a-tetes under the stars.

The swing was spray painted from pink to black to match their new home’s dark colour palette.

The balcony complements a huge living room, where a custom-made TV console takes centrestage. The TV console’s unique design was inspired by kueh lapis, and each individual panel was picked out carefully and put together to form the final piece.

“We were discussing the design of the home over breakfast and happened to be having kueh lapis when we thought the design was interesting, so we incorporated it into the design of the TV console,” Shunli reveals.

An open plan kitchen that connects it with the dining area makes it a breeze to host gatherings.

Top-hung cabinetry and even a peninsula provide ample storage space in the kitchen, which also sports a dark theme consistent with the rest of the home.

Fifty shades of grey — and even a marble feature on the stairs — make this a cosy home.


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