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This Eclectic Home Had A $150K Renovation & Now Has Spaceship, Retro And Angel Theme Rooms

Yes, all in the same apartment.

The homeowners of this three-bedder condominium in Geylang have boldly ventured where most dare not. Rather than keeping to one interior theme throughout the 1,227 sq ft apartment, they've gone for vastly different styles for different rooms in the condo unit that's home to a couple, their two kids aged three and seven, and their helper.

To turn their vision of their dream home to reality, they engaged interior designers Shun Li and Valerie Toh of Jesigns Interior Design for the apartment's facelift.

After a $150K renovation that took 11 weeks to complete, the apartment now incorporates a mish mash of styles, from a retro and vintage-inspired style to the showstopper of the home: A space shuttle-themed room for their three-year-old son. And, yes, most of the budget went into this room, the IDs reveal to 8 Days.

The journey to space begins right at the entrance of the bedroom, with a custom-made door that’s even zhuzhed with LED lighting for a cosmic glow.

Combined with a monochromatic colour palette, sleek carpentry and LED mood lighting, you’re instantly teleported into a galaxy far, far away.

The loft bed, perched above the built-in study area, resembles that of a capsule hotel in Japan. There’s even space for a wardrobe next to the study area.

The bed may be in an enclosed space, but there are four fans installed next to it for ventilation.

A glass panel next to the bed allows for a great view of the rest of the spaceship, er, we mean, room, while a ceiling panel of starry lights was custom made for the room as well. Talk about sleeping under the stars.

Curved edges and a clean aesthetic were chosen for the built-in desk and storage cabinets at the study area, so doing homework can be an out-of-this-world experience.

The entire room is carpeted, an unusual choice for homes in Singapore, but this was chosen to suit the futuristic feel of the room.

While this starship of a room takes you into the future, the rest of the apartment is really a nod back to the past. The apartment largely has a a retro and vintage look, punctuated with Peranakan touches.

The entryway is adorned with Peranakan-style tiles and vintage-style furniture. It leads directly to the dining area where an eye-catching stained glass wall feature accentuates the vintage-style dark wood tones of the dining set.

The white and wood tones of the living room make it a cosy nook to unwind — and to admire the knick-knacks on the full-height display feature wall.

The vintage-style influences can be seen in the tiles used in the kitchen’s backsplash, and the retro swing doors that lead to a simple but functional yard area.

The homeowner’s seven-year-old daughter has her own themed bedroom that’s out of this world in its own way. The angel-themed room gets an ethereal upgrade with wallpapered ceiling and clean white furnishings and decor.

It’s a decidedly more neutral theme compared to the rest of the house, but makes for the perfect sanctuary to unwind after a long day nonetheless.


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