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HDB Maisonette Renovations: 7 Interior Firms That Specialise in Them

Unlock the full potential of your ‘unicorn’ property.

HDB flats with two stories and lots of living space? If you’re the lucky owner of an Executive Maisonette (EM), that’s not a dream anymore. The last of these ultra-rare flats were built in 1995, and are typically between 140 and 160 sqm.

The communal areas like the living, dining and kitchen are on the first floor while the bedrooms are on the second. With such a layout that’s rather different from the standard HDB flats, there are many more design considerations for the renovation, like space planning and decor.

With that in mind, it would be more reassuring to engage an interior firm that specialises in renovating maisonettes – so we did the legwork to put together this list of 7 firms!

1. Jesigns Interior Design

Ever seen a maisonette with a slide right next to the stairs? This design is certainly a treat for kids and everyone young at heart – an example of how Jesigns Interior Design aims to create innovative spaces with “out-of-the-box designs”.

Even if you’re looking for something a little more mainstream, the firm ensures renovation projects are carried out with meticulous planning and good time management for a timely handover to clients.

Look no further than Jesigns Interior Design to actualise a bespoke home as you envision.


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