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This Space-Themed Kids Room Is Out Of This World, With A Star Ceiling & Capsule Loft


This is the bedroom of a 3-year-old kid.

We’ve had the privilege of peeking into many beautiful and cosy bedrooms in the past, but none have taken our breath away quite like this space-themed room. Designed by Jesigns Interior Design, this room was created for a lucky 3-year-old boy. Here’s a closer look at all the little details that make this space-themed bedroom an out-of-this-world creation.

Wanted a futuristic-themed bedroom for their 3-year-old son

The family first reached out to Jesigns Interior Design back in 2022 wanting to renovate their 3-room condo in Geylang. Most of the 1,227sqft apartment was given a vintage facelift; think Peranakan elements blended with modern carpentry. The only departure from that 20th-century aesthetic was their son’s bedroom which looked like it teleported in from the 22nd century.

This was a deliberate decision from the parents who wanted their son to have a futuristic-themed bedroom, and that was the simple brief they gave to the designers. With free rein over the design of the room, the designers weren’t going to just plaster some galaxy wallpaper on the ceiling and call it a day.

An Uchify-exclusive peek into the construction of the room.

Image credit: Shun Li/Jesigns Interior Design

But they had a tight timeline to work with, as the renovation was slated to begin in November 2022 and had to be complete by January 2023, just before Chinese New Year began.

Creating a dazzling entrance

The first thing that the family would see when approaching the room is the entrance – calling it a door would be doing it an injustice. It boasts a modern geometric design with custom LED lights adding to that sci-fi mood.

If you told us that this was where the captain of a starship sleeps at night, we’d believe you.

Building a loft with a study area below

Almost everything in the bedroom was custom designed and built, including this loft area that greets you immediately when you enter the bedroom. The monochromatic carpentry and surfaces are offset by the mood lighting that lights up the room.

The first thing we noticed about the loft was the sleeping quarters. The viewing window makes the room look and feel like a space capsule that’s off on a cosmic adventure.

Down below is the study area which is fit for an astronaut-in-training.

A custom tabletop with sleek curves was commissioned from Bellus Group. There is also plenty of storage space above the desk to keep any knickknacks out of sight.

Seeing as there’s a lack of natural light in space, plenty of LED lights were added to illuminate the space. From the ambient lights by way of the Nanoleaf Canvas system to the task lighting above the desk and the accent lights spanning the edge of the desk, this part of the room shines as bright as a glowing star.

Custom star ceiling imported from overseas

The pièce de résistance, in our humble opinion, is the star ceiling at the top of the loft.

“We wanted to make the room more futuristic and break away from traditional design works, [so] we import[ed] this starry ceiling from overseas to install in the room,” Shun Li, one of the founders of Jesigns Interior Design, told us. 4 cooling fans were also installed by the window partition to aid in ventilation.

Fibre optic star ceilings like this are not commonly seen in Singapore, much less in a bedroom for a 3-year-old. Alas, no expense was spared when it came to the sanctuary for their son.

To really sell the fantasy that one has stepped into a spaceship, the wall by the window was also converted into a viewing gallery in space.

A custom piece of glass with an illusion of stars was installed in front of the window pane, which can be removed if the kid wants to return to Earth for a hot minute.

Custom space-themed bedroom in Geylang

Of all aspirational professions, an astronaut is probably the most interior design-friendly and the coolest by far; sleeping in an operating theatre or a classroom just doesn’t hit the same. It also helps that the clients were ecstatic when they saw the finished product.

“The kids are super happy and were excited when they first saw the room,” Shun Li said, adding that the parents were also pleasantly surprised that they managed to pull such a stunning transformation off.

Since this space-themed bedroom was shared on Facebook by Jesigns Interior Design, the post has gone viral, with plenty of commenters praising the design and construction of the room. If you were thinking of doing a similar transformation, it’s important to get an interior designer that can cater to your wants and needs, Shun Li advised.

While travelling amongst the cosmos might be some time away, this lucky child can go to sleep every night under a starry sky, clouds be damned.


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